About Us

Arn Service Commercial Ltd. is a fast growing company specialized in service, repairs and maintenance of heavy duty construction equipment. It was founded in 1993 I Sofia Bulgaria by the owner Dipl. Eng. Peter Mitev Arnaudov as a service workshop for repairs of heavy duty construction equipment.

Nowаdays the central office of ARN SERVICE COMMERCIAL Ltd. is situated in Sofia – Jana and the company have has own offices and service centers in the towns of Sofia, Shumen and Pazardjik with all technical facilities required for providing complete customers’ support  covering the whole territory of Bulgaria.

The company owes more tha 20 service cars providing technical service for the machines on customers’ job sites. It has own truck and platform for very heavy loads used for transportation of the customers’ machines to and from the company service centers.

ARN SERVICE COMMERCIAL Ltd. has own production of specialized hoses for hydraulics and pneumatics for construction equipment based on the French TECHMAFLEX DE50, TE50, PE 38 production line.

The company manufactures seals , O-rings and hydraulic cylinders on customers demand with own SKF ECONOMUS IP 4500 production center for hydraulic seals and rings.

ARN SERVICE COMMERCIAL Ltd. provides services for all brands of heavy construction machinery including KOMATSU, CATTERPILLAR, CASE, JCB, LIEBHERR, HAMM, VOGELE etc.

In 2015 ARN SERVICE COMMERCIAL Ltd. together with two private persons founded the STROTECH Ingeneering AD (SA) – Official Dealer for Bulgaria for Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe NV. Since then ARN SERVICE COMMERCIAL Ltd. is the Official Service for the HYUNDAY construction equipment in Bulgaria.

The company is Authorized Distributor for Bulgaria of HYDRARAM Demolution&recycling Equipment – The Netherlands.

In order to provide maximum promptness in servicing the customers’ equipment, Arn Service Commercial maintains substantial parts stock availability. Those parts which are not in stock are delivered in maximum 10 days – for standard orders, and in 24 hours – for emergency orders, if the parts are available in our European or Asian Partners’ Centers.

Besides the standard services, Arn Service Commercial Ltd. also trains its customers in the management and maintenance of their construction equipment fleets.

The Company provides services to more than 200 big and middle companies in Bulgaria including the Bulgarian branches of HOLCHIM, Plena Hoding SA etc.

The Arn Service Commercial’s team consists of over 100 qualified specialists including 8 dipl. engineers, whose training and practice follow high standards as well as the proven Bulgarian trends and experience.

The company has own ISO 9001:2008 certification since 21.04.2012.